Sunflower and Buckwheat Sprouts, Grasses and Pea Shoots...

Grown and Harvested to Enhance Health
and Wellbeing

Green­GrassLife grows the high­est qual­ity organic wheat­grass, organic sun­flower and organic pea shoot sprouts in New York. We deliver and ship our prod­ucts, mak­ing health-enhancing foods avail­able to all.

Com­mit­ted to afford­abil­ity, Green­GrassLife is a family-owned urban farm that has been grow­ing organic wheat­grass since 2009. Due to our con­ve­nient New York City loca­tion, we offer com­pet­i­tive pric­ing, inex­pen­sive trans­porta­tion and a low-carbon footprint.

Our  organic wheat­grass, organic sun­flower and organic  pea shoots are all planted, grown and har­vested in a peace­ful environment.

High qual­ity organic soil and seeds from the most rep­utable sup­pli­ers com­bined with med­i­ta­tion while plant­ing infuse our prod­ucts with pos­i­tive energy.

In addi­tion to health-supportive prod­ucts, Green­GrassLife offers per­son­al­ized nutri­tion sup­port and edu­ca­tion that helps our cus­tomers imple­ment dietary lifestyle changes to opti­mize or restore their health.



What started as a vision of Meliza and Jovany Veloz at Tav­ern On The Green, New York, turned into real­ity in their base­ment. Today Green­GrassLife, in its new envi­ron­men­tally advanced loca­tion, has become the largest indoor urban farm in the City and one of the most depend­able grow­ers of organic wheat­grass in New York City.